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  1. Hey I’m looking for a club I like the positivity you guys project. Missed the peace run I was really looking toward to riding with you guys.

  2. Super stoked to see you exist. Anything that promotes the native American and biking lifestyle is something to get excited about. I run a small bike shop just outside Bristol Tennessee. If I can ever do anything to help or support please contact me. If you have any events or rides anywhere close let me know. I can pass out flyers and bring several solid people to attend. I hope to see an East Tennessee soon. If you want one let me know.

  3. Nice Meeting You Guys… If you have time we are having our Annual Bike Blessing on Sunday April 27th; we would love if you could come through..
    523 South Fulton Av.
    Mount Vernon, NY 10550

    Chosen One

  4. Halito!
    I am a Choctaw and I have been trying to find a Native MC. I live in Oklahoma and ride a HD Road King. I was wondering if there is a Redrum chapter being started here in Oklahoma? If there is not I would like to get info on how to join and start a chapter here. Also what are the requirements to join the club?

  5. Great to see native brothers riding together.I am in Indiana ,born in Canada , I am Ganozit Mukwa .Ojibwa , first nation. Been riding 30 yrs. Just wanted to drop a line to say its great to see brothers riding their iron horses L& R

  6. Looking forward to the Scholarship Run on August 4, 2013. Met a few of your guys who gave support at a Cancer Run for Brookyn Hospital co-sponsored by the Unknown Bikers and Dukes MC of B’klyn. Blessings on all your future endeavors. As Always … One Love … Jay Dukes Supreme Pres.

  7. Great Ride and Benefit for St. Judes last Saturday, had a good time. Thanks

  8. quality site and club you guys have. all the best from scotland . and good luck with your children’s research hospital run this month.

  9. Love the patch, just wanted to let ya know that you spelled “warbonnet” wrong…..L&R Brenda Marie Poitra Tribal Member of the Turlte Mountain Rez inj Belcourt ND

  10. Meet some of the guys from Hudson Valley 2 weeks ago had a GREAT ride and awesome time with them look forward to going to NYC for the book drive

  11. Just wanted to let you guys know how refreshing it is to see a group of scooter people who have a mission statement that is not based on flexing your muscles and all that other macho blowhard criteria that was once the norm. Its nice to know there are Native brothers and sisters that realize that when they are doing anything in the name of the culture, you are doing so as representatives for the old ones, the women and the children. I have ridden for over four decades and have rode with some great folks and a few questionables. However, club recruitment for some of these groups was like filling out an application to go to prison or the grave yard. As we get older we do tend to get a bit wiser and you guys are well advanced in your thinking and are a credit to both the Native alliance and the bike arena. If you are ever on your war ponies around the North Georgia Mountains or heading southbound and need a camp site and a bit of southern hospitality… let me know! Have a happy day, Chipa the Wolfe

  12. I think you mean goals? Our mission and goals are very clear its not for everyone but those who get it understand its power. Email us at the email address on our site so we can talk more.

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    Redrum Motorcyc

  13. We are 6 guys very tide crew, we are from Guadalajara Mexico, is the second biggest city, to much goin on here, many clubs with no gold, just too many posser, a few of as ride since more than 23 years a go, we have the soul and base of a good biker

  14. Yes this is definitely a possibility what town are you in how many members so you have?

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    Redrum Motorcyc

  15. What’s up Redrum mc! Could you relay a message to Al, ask him to call Mike from V.C.B.C. Thanks.

  16. Cliff Matais is a friend on FB and I was just looking at your website, very nice. I live in Oklahoma and have been trying to find a Native MC out here and I found one and sent several emails but no replies. Do you think you will ever get a Chapter out in my area? Time to ride, Aho

  17. new member of redrum mc first nations coming down on saturday for the wounded warriors benefit cant wait to meet all

  18. I met one of your brothers at my job (prison barge) he told me a little about you club. i just wanted to check it out . i like what you guys are doing,keep it up, he mentioned a run you guys might going on, its up by me maby ill see you you guys

  19. I really digg and respect this motorcycle club. I’m only 18 but plan to join a motorcycle club in the future. This club has by far appealed to me the most because I love the brotherhood and the messages that you put out is exactly what I’m about. Ride Safe.

  20. How do i become a member. I read what the club is about and that is what I am about. I have Micmac heritage and strongly beleive in the way of the great spirit. I live in maine and could have five members to start a chapter. Several of us have ridden with clubs in the past. Honor and Respect

  21. How many native members ?
    Are you accepting members ?
    How do you join if your across the state ?
    Yes I am a member of the onondaga nation .

  22. Just wanted to pop in n show some Crazy Indian love for our fellow first nations bikers….keep ur kneez in tha breeze, hair in the air, rubber side down, n fist grippin tha throttle my NDN bros from REDRUM MC..may the Creator bless all of ur travels. ..LL&R Crazy Stabbz Crazy Indians M/C Canada
    -[]-[]-/\-[]-[]- CIFFCI RFFR

  23. Met one of your members a month or so ago. Real nice guy. Great site lots to look at. Say aho’ to Cliff Matais…

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