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  1. just saw your patch first time today
    i have been riding for some time just want to tip my hat and say hi

  2. Love what you stand for and are about. Did a few rides with Syracuse chapter incredible bunch of brothers there.
    After suffering an extreme Covid attack I had to move south from central ny to warmer climate. Living in Tyrone Georgia now. Wishing there was a local chapter to reach out to

  3. Indigenous people of the world unite! Hope someone will start a chapter in Hawaii.

  4. Keep riding for Native justice! Sending love and happiness to all in this beautiful organization.
    Rosie Moran-Weehawken, NJ

  5. Love what you stand for and things you do for the community. Can’t wait to have the honor to ride with your group in Sturgis in August.

  6. I love the fact that your MC is tolerant and respectful of everyone. I like some information about your Nanticoke Lenape or Cheroenhaka chapters, please. Keep two wheels down.

  7. I am from Northern Ireland and am a retired member of Nighthawks Mcc I respect what you stand for I have a friend who is first nation and through him I have learned so much

  8. Hi, V.P.-Wolfkin Rc “Chainsaw” met a few of your brothers here in Washington. You guys seem pretty cool from what I’ve seen, its been great getting to know you.

  9. Greetings and blessings. Love what you are doing. President WARRIORS MC (Native American, Veteran, LEO, First Responder, MIL Club——Polk County Florida. Keep pressing on brothers.
    WARRIORS MC Mother Chapter Pres, Crypto (Cherokee-Kiowa)

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  11. Really think the Redrum MC is an awesome group doing some good stuff. Big shout out from Maskwacis, Alberta, Canada.

  12. Just a Native American brother from South Dakota, seen you out in the Black Hills last year during Sturgis. Looked at your website and very proud to see you guys trying to improve your communities. STAY UP.

  13. Absolute pleasure to work with one of your members I will now be supporting your Club. Vagabond Fire Mountain.


  14. Just enjoyed a very well organized and executed ride/bike blessing event on Sunday. Thank you for allowing us to participate.

  15. …. Hello, I am Thomas from Switzerland. I love to drive Harley, love sweat lodges and Holy Medicine accompanies my life. If there are people in Europe or Switzerland who are interested in the RedrumMc like me, please contact me. Maybe something will come of it. My email is:

  16. Tom I like what I have seen about REDRUM M.C. Like some before me I wasn’t aware that you existed and would like to know more.

  17. Aho. Cuzins. Love to see your Facebook post and where you’ve been and what your up to. Keep it rolling and may your ponies be forever true.
    Powhatan Renape and Nanticoke Nations.

  18. Until three weeks ago I was not aware of Redrum M/C. I’m Native American I like what Redrum stands for.

  19. Mdewakanton Sioux Indian from Nebraska/Iowa living in Pennsylvania. I would really like information on a club near me. I’m a lonely Indian here lol.

  20. Support for REDRUM MC. Would like to know if Ohio Chapter ever has events planned.
    Potawatomi from Northern Indiana.

  21. Wow, good to see folks in the community, who actually want to make a difference, Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin

  22. RICH .
    Proud to see such an amazing statement in the MC world. Proud to be part apache and in the motorcycle world.


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