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  1. I would like to hang around I live in Fresno Ca. And follow the Red Road. Respect, Honor, & Loyalty. How can I support?

  2. i hold your interests at heart. ride free and may the spirits protect you and all that you love. your brother in the wind.

  3. Standing strong and proud. Positive vibes to each one as you spread love and peace for this mother earth.

  4. Great Respect For This MC ! It would be an honour to ride with and support this MC. I would love to attend any events happening in Alberta Canada . Great Job !

  5. Greetings from Blackfeet country.Interested in starting a Montana chapter. In our 70s but we’re still ridin.

  6. Hello we are a group of riders from Prince Geaorge bc Canada. We have been riding together since 2010 and are very impressed with your club. Just wondering if you guys were looking to start a chapter in BC

  7. Respect to the Redrum crew. Sending love and respect from the Philadelphia area.

  8. Love and Respect from SA town Texas. You will be seeing your gear being rocked out here when my support patch arrives!!! Proud Shawnee brother!!!

  9. Recently found you guys, as a Metis from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada nothing but respect for you brothers 👊🏼 And as a fellow rider I understand the brotherhood.

  10. Interested in more information on how to join or prospect for this club. Southern Ohio. I’ve had response thru the website but no one has contacted me locally or at least in Ohio any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Gary

  11. It was great to meet club members from Reno and Fresno today in Sacramento for the MMIW march. You are a great group of guys.

  12. I came across this group on youtube and this is the best thing in the world to show support for the first nation people of turtle island mother earth and the great spirit I have always showed my support for the peoples of this land and I am following the red road

  13. I’m from Curve Lake First Nations and I would love to know a little bit more information on how to join the Peterborough chapter. I love the concept of this club

  14. Is there a chapter in west Virginia? If not could and how can one start one ? What are requirements to join? I have rode in a M.C. I ride a harley davidson street glide special.

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