(formerly Redrum Crew) Is an Indigenous based Motorcycle Club, founded in 2006 on the foundation of the Red Road with a focus on brotherhood, motorcycling, community, respect, responsibility, fundraising and supporting family.

The idea of the name “REDRUM” was initially developed as “Red-Drum“.  During the process of forming the club, the second “D” was dropped and it became REDRUM Crew.  Later the club became known as REDRUM MC.  The name “REDRUM” quickly became something of a conversation starter.  This would spur conversation between the member and the curious.  

No, the club name is not a reference to the movie The Shining.  It is not intended to read “Murder” backwards.  No word in the English language is purposely read backwards.

REDRUM is not a 1% MC and are not affiliated with any other MC’s.  We send love and respect to all MC’s and ask them to respect the fact that we are a First Nations people MC. Our mission is to bring Native American bikers,  brothers and supporters who wish to follow the Red Road together so we can help our communities in need not only Indigenous but all in need.

REDRUM does not claim any territory as we wear a First Nations Rocker which means we represent the Indigenous peoples known as First Nations.  One does not have to prove Native American heritage or be Native American to believe in traditional ways of living and sharing community and family to be a member of REDRUM.

REDRUM functions as a Warrior Society based on peace, righteousness and strength.

REDRUM’s mission is to use our common interest in motorcycles to bring our communities together so we can address the many struggles we continue to battle on our original homelands.

REDRUM is a MC based on consciousness of our environment, communities in need and righteousness. The foundation of this MC is positive and righteous behavior. Members are expected to always promote respect, honor, integrity, peace and unity. The best way to promote peace is through strength.

REDRUM advocates strength as a club and from their members. Democracy is the foundation of REDRUM, modeled after the original five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, who once fought each other then came together to promote peace and unity. The strength of one arrow is limited but five could not be broken.

THE PATCH:  Our colors are MaroonSilver and Black.

The circle represents the earth and all those who share this planet with us, it also tells the story of what we do in our lives and how it returns.

The three skulls are unity and brotherhood, one is single, two is a couple but three is a group.

The warbonnet and eagle feathers are a reminder of the great spirit and how he carries our thoughts to the creator

The black bandanas are to remind us to always fight for righteousness (this is the attire of the Zapatista of Mexico) who declared war on the Mexican government.

The seven stars represent the seven generations. 

The four stars on each of the other four bandannas represent the four directions, the four things that grow, the root, the stem, the leaf, and the fruit. Four creatures, those that walk, crawl, swim, fly and the last are the four seasons.

The war paint are the four races of man. Red, Black, White and Yellow

The two small peace signs on the outer skulls say just that, always try to resolve everything peacefully first.

13 1/2  is the Indigenous people’s perspective on the American judicial system.  We want to live our lives in a righteous way.  We never want to put ourselves in a position of being judged by 12 Jurors, 1 Judge and having half a chance.


Those are terrible odds and history has proven rarely to end up in our favor.